The Multidisciplinary Human

Tools used:

Blender, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate

Image making course final project: The multidisciplinary human

“There’s something I’m concerned of at the end of the degree – the title.
‘UX.UI designer’, ‘illustrator’, ‘graphic designer’, ‘Creative coder’ …
Am I supposed to be only one of them? I don’t want to choose.
I received this swiss army knife from my mother when I was 25 years old.
Now that I look at it, There is something comforting about this small and useful tool,
because one doesn’t buy it because of the knife, the bottle opener or the screwdriver.
One buys it because it can be all of them.”​​​​​​​
This body of work represents the essance of this written piece in 3 different forms of expression.
Re-inventing oneself (5 IG stories)

The curious

The collector

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